"It's Beer Engineering"


Hello there. As you may have noticed, we are not currently producing beer. However, we are not out of business; far from it.

While the business environment surrounding beer production in Puerto Rico might have failed to timely adapt, in order to become and stay relevant (due mainly to the myopic solipsism suffered by both governmental officials and the big local “beer” guy), we recognize the full potential this industry has. A potential based on the support from loyal customers towards talent and creativity, which significantly outweighs all the obstacles we have encountered so far.

Worry not, as you will be seen our products soon and although  intermittency will be a factor in the short run, as we will be constantly be going in and out of the market, it is for a greater purpose. It might seem a bit complicated from a business standpoint, so we’ll just call it a Brewer's Sabbatical Leave.

Welcome to Ingeniero Microbrewery!